*The art picture provided by Zenaviv project. The artist - Sneha Athreya, the art title - 'Fish'.

Chatbots are quickly becoming influential in the social media world. With several key players starting to use chatbots, this fact becomes more and more significant. For this reason, it's crucial to implement chatbot features in your marketing strategies.

One way in which chatbots can improve your marketing strategies is by eliminating the need for separate websites or apps. Because a chatbot can easily answer questions and propose solutions via its advanced neural network, the need for a static website becomes moot. Furthermore, being able to communicate directly with a customer fosters an authentic relationship between your brand and the consumer.

Also, because chatbots operate automatically, it allows employees to carry on with high priority tasks and allow more mundane operations to be handled by bots. The customer could simply message a chatbot to order a product or request a service, and the chatbot would inform them of when their product/service is available. Furthermore, the customer would be able to communicate with your company outside of working hours, rather than wait until the morning to find out a piece of information.

the customer would be able to communicate with your company outside of working hours

By using chatbots, you can easily keep track of different tasks and meetings. A chatbot could alert you to when a meeting is, where it will be, and with whom. Also, it could scan your emails to check for information that might be vital to the running of your business. It could also send out updates to customers as well as family and friends when you're away from your desk or on site for a project.

Chatbots can also revolutionize how you research problems and solutions. If there's a dilemma you're struggling to find a solution to, chatbots can easily give suggestions and solutions. They can do this by analyzing and compiling data from social media and online, giving you the most efficient solutions in a small amount of time.

Research has shown that customers prefer interacting with chatbots over customer service phone calls. Chatbots provide the real-time customer service quickly and conveniently. As chatbots become more advanced and can come up with solutions independently, customer service phone calls may become a thing of the past. Because chatbots operate using AI, they can learn and adapt to any new information they interact with.