UDX CloudNative

UDX CloudNative enables organizations to securely build cloud-native platforms with best practices and zero external vendor dependencies.

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UDX CloudNative is the go-to choice for those who want to deliver secure applications and streamline software delivery processes. With its exceptional performance and innovative features, UDX is the perfect platform for organizations that demand the best.

Dev Tooling

By using YAML and GitOps, developers can easily create, use, and share cloud components across multiple different platforms. This offers an efficient way to ensure that the same code base is used across all environments, streamlining development and reducing the amount of time needed to maintain components.


Automation of Service Accounts and Continuous Authority to Operate (cATO) can help organizations increase security by providing improved visibility into the access controls, automated monitoring of accounts, and proactive alerts when changes or unusual access patterns are detected. Automating cATO processes can also ensure that account credentials are up-to-date, regularly rotated, and securely stored so that only authorized personnel have access to them.


By defining Release Processes in YAML files, users can quickly modify their workflow without needing manual input from developers or operations teams. This allows teams to quickly push updates out without major downtime or unexpected issues arising from manual inputs or coding errors.


With a fully transparent and inner-sourced platform, users have greater control over their codebase. This gives teams more freedom to customize their own environment and increases transparency between teams and departments.


Logically isolated cloud resources provide the best stability for applications running in the cloud. With adaptive lifecycle parity, users are able to make quick changes in response to ever-changing user needs without having to navigate complex configurations or manage physical hardware.


Docker is an effective orchestration system for creating on-demand cloud workers that can be deployed across any environment or platform. Its lightweight design makes it easy to deploy without sacrificing performance or scalability when running multiple processes simultaneously.


Pipeline dashboards help users quickly monitor release velocity while AI helps automate tedious tasks like analytics tracking or debugging errors in real-time. This helps reduce workloads while providing important insights into how a project is progressing over time as well as potential areas where improvements could be made.

Technical Due Diligence

UDX Platform is trusted by many leading businesses for its reliability and security as well as its ability to deliver mission-critical systems.

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How it Works

The UDX CloudNative platform is built on a Kubernetes cluster that is deployed on Azure. It is designed to be highly available and scalable, with the ability to scale up or down as needed. The platform is also highly secure, with built-in security features such as role-based access control (RBAC), network policies, and encryption.

We provide Superior Service & Value

UDX is the perfect partner for your business because our well-integrated cloud logistics system allows us to provide superior service and value. Our automated process will help reach your organization's goals both in terms of top line growth and cost savings, making sure that you get the most out of our collaboration.

Transparent & Compliant

We have an open and collaborative approach when it comes to working with our partners and clients, so you can be sure of transparency when it comes to what's being done for your business. We also follow best practices and guidelines to ensure ongoing compliance with industry standards.

Experienced Professionals

The team at UDX consists of experienced professionals who come from a military background, specifically from Marine Corps special operations and cyber operations communities. This kind of expertise gives us the edge over other competitors when it comes to providing cloud automation services, so you know that you're dealing with a trusted partner.

Careful Selection Process

At UDX we take great care in choosing the right partners and clients based on their culture as well as their technology needs. So if you decide to team up with us, rest assured that it was not a decision taken lightly or without due diligence research beforehand---we will put in all the effort necessary to make sure our partnership is a successful one for everyone involved!

"When it comes to scaling our platform, UDX is the perfect partner. From providing integrations and security solutions to improving speed and business continuity - there's no other better partner for us; nobody integrates better than them.

Fortune 100 Aerospace Company

Platform Benefits

For most organizations, product development and engineering can still be a black box. Especially for those in management or outside of the Product Development department. This makes it difficult to plan, increase productivity and most importantly create a best in class product for your clients. Enter: Devops and Cloud Automation. 

More efficient use of dev resource time

Support 3x as many engineers with Tooling Pipelines. Hire less DevOps and SREs. Reusable step templates, worker images and tooling IaC. Standardized Cloud Architecture Components. (they can get more done)

Incorporate your existing team

Supports collaborative culture and innovation. We bootstrap your inner-sourced repositories for CI/CD tools.

Faster product updates and releases

Let teams decide the cadence of their product releases. Iterate end-to-end at the pace dictated by product

Mechanism for Reproducibility

Measurable metrics Treat your process like the competitive advantage it is. (what is tracked is managed)

Software Supply Chain

Software Bill of Materials to comply with Executive Order 14028, PCI 4.0 and SOC 2 by providing details about each release.

With UDX, businesses can experience secure and efficient software delivery with automation capabilities for timely releases. Its state-of-the-art encryption protocols and advanced monitoring tools offer data security measures and real-time tracking of release performance. 


Use Cases

For most organizations, product development and engineering can still be a black box. Especially for those in management or outside of the Product Development department.


UDX CloudNative enables organizations to securely build cloud-native platforms with best practices and zero external vendor dependencies.